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Why choose Timely Group for your enterprise information management deployment?

At Timely Group, our EIM Consultants specialize in facilitating successful deployments tailored to your organization’s requirements, cost-effectively optimizing operations. We offer expert guidance, tailored solutions, and comprehensive training and support to maximize the value of your EIM system investment.


Our consultants boast extensive experience deploying ECM systems across diverse industries and company sizes.

We grasp the intricacies of crafting, implementing, and sustaining a thriving ECM system.

We guide organizations through the maze of available technologies and vendors, pinpointing the ideal solution for their needs.

Moreover, our consultants furnish insights into ECM best practices, encompassing data governance, metadata management, and content lifecycle management.


Partnering with our consultants shields organizations from the financial repercussions of missteps that could stem from a poorly conceived or executed ECM system.

We aid in prioritizing features critical to your business, ensuring you invest judiciously without splurging on unnecessary functionalities.

Additionally, we assist in negotiating favorable contracts with ECM vendors and pinpointing cost-saving avenues during the deployment phase.


Our consultants excel in tailoring systems to your unique requirements, seamlessly integrating with other platforms like CRM or ERP solutions such as SAP, Oracle, or Salesforce.

We aid in crafting workflows and business rules aligned with your organization’s processes.

Furthermore, we offer guidance on migrating content from legacy systems, encompassing metadata mapping, data cleansing, and conversion.

Training & Support

Our dedicated training and support consultants deliver comprehensive end-user training, fostering proficiency with the new system to maximize ROI.

We provide ongoing support to troubleshoot any issues and optimize system utilization.

Additionally, our Compliance and Records Management experts aid in establishing an ECM governance framework, delineating roles, policies, procedures, and metrics to gauge system effectiveness.


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